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Snow Removal & Salting

Vancouver's Snow Removal Specialists

Flat Mate is committed to delivering comprehensive Snow Removal and De-Icing Services, available around the clock from December to March. Our coverage spans across the North Shore, Vancouver, and numerous municipalities in the Lower Mainland, guaranteeing the safety, accessibility, and well-being of you, your property, and your community.

When winter weather strikes, our expert team is on standby, ready to swiftly tackle snow and ice challenges. With years of experience under our belts, we understand the importance of proactive measures to prevent slips, falls, and disruptions caused by inclement conditions. Our service goes beyond mere snow removal—it's a promise to ensure your peace of mind and the smooth functioning of your daily routines.

Snow Shoveling/Blowing

Our dedicated ground team works tirelessly to keep entrances and sidewalks free of snow, providing safe passage for your friends, family, and clients while adhering to all city bylaws. 


No property is too large or too small for our snow shovelling services. With 24/7 availability during the winter months, you can rely on us for prompt, efficient manual snow removal.

Snow Plowing

Keeping driveways and parking areas clear is essential for safety. Our truck-mounted snowplows efficiently handle this task, even in tight spaces where larger plow trucks can't reach. Snow plowing prevents snow buildup, which, if left unchecked, can become increasingly difficult to manage. 


Don't wait for snow to pile up and create safety concerns; reach out to us if heavy snowfall is in the forecast.

Roof Snow Removal

Snow accumulation on your roof can lead to a range of potential issues, from structural strain to leaks that can compromise your property's interior.


Our Roof Snow Removal service is meticulously executed by our skilled team, using the highest level of caution and expertise. We delicately remove the accumulated snow, ensuring your roof remains free from undue stress and potential hazards.


Managing icy sidewalks can be challenging during winter. To melt and prevent ice formation, we use an environmentally friendly de-icer on pedestrian pathways. 


For high-traffic areas like parking lots, we apply salt preemptively to maximize de-icing effectiveness. Salt is applied before the storm to prevent ice and snow from bonding to the pavement.

What Types of Snow Removal Services Does Flat Mate Offer? 

For further details on our snow removal and de-icing services or to discuss your specific winter needs, don't hesitate to contact us.


Safety and accessibility are our top priorities, and we're here to ensure a worry-free winter season for you and your property.

Why is Snow Removal Important?

The City of Vancouver's Winter Maintenance Regulations:

Vancouver property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the full width of sidewalks in front of and, if on a corner lot, alongside their property each day by 10 a.m. when there is snow on the sidewalks or freezing temperatures.


To keep our sidewalks and streets safe for people walking, cycling, and driving:

  • Shovel snow onto your property, away from the road and sidewalk, by 10 a.m. every day.

  • Clear storm drains of leaves and snow to prevent flooding

Click the link below to learn more about the Vancouver's Winter Mainenance Initiative & Regulations!

What Type of Snow Removal Contracts Does Flat Mate Offer? 

Priority Services

No need to call us - we will come automatically when the snow starts to pile up around you. 

  • No additional charges;

  • Guaranteed to be cleared by city regulations;

  • Automatic salting after snow clearing.

On-Call Service

We will help you whenever you need our snow removal and salting services. 

  • Also available for pre-booking

  • Snow cleared at the client’s request;

  • Automatically, salt after snow removal has been done. If your property is already icy we will have to pre-salt;


Our season contracts ensure winter-long services from December through March, ensuring top-notch Snow Removal and De-Icing Services across North Shore, Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland.

Book once for a winter of worry-free snow removal!

Specialized Services for Property Management Companies

We understand the unique needs of property management companies and strata in the Greater Vancouver Area and on the North Shore.


 Our services are tailored to keep your properties safe from snow-related challenges, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

City service remove snow from roof of a building. A man in overalls cleans the roof from s

Safety for All:
Comprehensive Insurance

Safety isn't just about our clients; it's also about our employees. We take immense pride in creating a secure working environment.


Consequently, we carry extensive insurance to safeguard both you and our team from accidents, ensuring peace of mind throughout the winter season.

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