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Roof Cleaning 

Your Roof Protects You, it’s Time to Repay the Favour

Give your roof some TLC ("tender loving care") with Flat Mate's roof cleaning and moss removal service.

All homeowners dread the thought of costly roof repairs or a full replacement. However, a proactive roof cleaning and restoration can avoid this headache. 

We offer tailored cleaning solutions for asphalt, cedar, tile, and metal roofs.

How do you know its time for a roof cleaning?

Signs that it's time for a roof cleaning service include moss build-up, dark streaking caused by algae and lichen.

If left untreated, the biomass can erode the roof's materials causing discolouration and long-term damage.

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Leave it to the Pros

Vancouver's roof cleaning and moss-removal experts.

Our technicians are trained and experienced on asphalt, cedar, concrete tile, and metal roofs. 

We are licensed, insured, and covered by WorkSafe BC. We carry $5,000,000 in property damage liability. 

Flat Mate's Roof Cleaning Process 

1. Free Inspection & Consultation

One of our roof cleaning experts will visit your property to inspect the condition of your roof and to discuss the best approach. Free of charge!

2. Debris Removal

Vancouver homes have lots of over- hanging trees. We remove and collect any large debris from the roof's surface.

3. Moss Removal

Our technicians remove all the large deposits of moss and other organic build-up from the roof's surface using brushes. We then collect and leaf blow the roof to clear it of all loose debris

4. Gutter Cleaning

After removing the loose debris and moss from the roof, we clean the home's gutters to ensure no debris is left behind and that the gutter system is flowing flawlessly.

5. Apply Cleaning Detergent

We apply a concentrated cleaning solution evenly over the entire roof. We customize the mixture to suit your individual needs and to give your roof the care it deserves. To maximize the long-term result and save precious water, we let rainfall take care of the rinsing. A longer dwell time means a deeper, more thorough clean.

Why Soft Washing is the Only Answer

Applying high pressure to a roof can void your warranty and cause premature granular loss. This comprises the integrity of your roof tiles or shingles.

Our Soft Wash method targets the source of the organic buildup and effectively all dirt and grim, all with no risk of damaging your roof’s material.

The Flat Mate Guarantee

Metro Vancouver homeowners, business owners, and property managers can benefit from reliable and professional services tailored to your property's specific cleaning needs. Our team is prompt, professional and always ready to exceed your expectations. 

Prompt & Transparent Quotes

No Hidden Fees


We offer free in-person consultations

We Leave No Trace

We Remove All Debris Off-Site to Ensure No Mess is Left Behind

Moss-Free Guarantee

2-Year Warranty

Exceptional customer service from Chase and his team. They went above and beyond with the delivery of their service. Would recommend to anyone in the Vancouver area!

Nic Fanning  (Homeowner, Burnaby)

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