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Exterior Cleaning Services

Tailored to Fit Your Home's Needs.

A person using high-pressure equipment to clean the bottom of a water pool. Cleaning dirt.

Pressure Washing

Flat Mate's power washing service utilizes high-end commercial-grade equipment which allows us to complete the service more efficiently and yields a high-quality result.

Gutter Cleaning

Flat Mate’s professional gutter cleaning and gutter repair service make it easy to ensure that dreadful task is done right.


Window Cleaning

Flat Mate's window cleaning service utilizes state-of-the-art water-fed poles to leave your windows, skylights, and storm windows crystal clear. 

Soft Washing

Flat Mate's soft washing service is the perfect solution for surfaces that can't handle the pressure of jet washing.


Roof Cleaning

Flat Mate's roof cleaning service removes black streaks, algae, moss, and lichen with a safe low-pressure technique. Proactive roof cleaning can extend the lifetime of your roof and save you money in the future.

Awning Cleaning

Flat Mate's awning cleaning service removes mildew, bird droppings, and dirt build-up. Canvas, glass and vinyl awnings, we do it all!

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Deck & Fence Cleaning

Flat Mate's deck and fence cleaning services are guaranteed to rejuvenate your home's outdoor space. From composite, vinyl, and wood decks and fences, we've got you covered!

Christmas Light Installation

Flat Mate's Christmas light installation service uses high-quality lights to leave your neighbours in awe over your breathtaking display. Let your beautiful property radiate some holiday cheer this season.

What is the Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft Washing?

A home or commercial property is likely your largest financial investment, making it imperative to give it the care it deserves.

Both methods listed above will result in a clean house, but as you will see, there are many factors to consider to give your property the care it deserves.

Pressure Washing: When & Where

Pressure washing is a tried-and-true method for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Our pressure washing service is very efficient in cleaning hard and more durable material like brick, concrete, and other robust materials than can endure the extra PSI.

However, for more delicate applications, pressure washing can do more harm than good. The repeated application of high pressure to surfaces like stucco, Hardie board, and vinyl siding will ultimately lead to premature wear. 

Soft Washing: Unmatched Thoroughness & Efficiency

As the name indicates, soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique. Our soft washing service utilizes eco-friendly cleaning detergents to remove dirt and grime from your home.

The application of cleaning detergents is gentle, using less pressure than that drawn from your typical garden hose. Soft washing yields excellent results for roof cleaning and a variety of home siding materials such as vinyl, Dryvit and wood panelling.   

To discuss which method would best suit your property’s individual needs call or email us today – We are happy to help!

Annual Maintenance Program 

Are you looking to save time, money, and hassle? 

We’ll take care of your home’s exterior maintenance so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

You’ll get up-front pricing tailored to your needs. Enjoy the added peace of mind that your home’s exterior is professionally maintained and stands out year-round.

Exceptional customer service from Chase and his team. They went above and beyond with the delivery of their service. Would recommend to anyone in the Vancouver area!

Nic Fanning  (Homeowner, Burnaby)

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