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Deck & Fence Cleaning

Revive Your Home’s Outdoor Space

A home’s deck and fences are key components of a home’s outdoor space. They allow for a private and secluded area to enjoy long summer days, host friends and family and embrace the sun’s rays before the rain rolls back around. Keep scrolling to discover why so many people trust Flat Mate with all their deck and fence cleaning needs.

Trust the Pros

Years of experience have taught us the safest and most efficient ways to clean away years of built-up dirt and grime without impacting the surface hidden beneath it. Our technicians will walk you through the step-by-step process we will use to restore your home’s deck or fence successfully.

We wash all types of decks and fences. Flat Mate has the knowledge and expertise to safely clean various building materials according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We specialize in cleaning concrete, vinyl composite, and wood builds.


The Care You Deserve

Each deck and fencing material are unique and require special care. We do not recommend using high pressure on most materials as it can lead to premature wear or irreparable damage. For most applications, we use our soft washing method. Typically, our deck cleaning quotes include cleaning all railing and stairs attached to the deck.


Vinyl is the most common type of surface found in decks and fencing. It requires a detergent to be applied to the surface, brushed gently, and then rinsed with no more than 500 PSI.


Wooden decks require much more attention as they are easy to damage and etch unwanted lines into the surface. After cleaning the exterior surface of the deck, we treat the deck with a mild acid that acts as a neutralizer and a brightener. This will leave your wood deck 100% ready to be sealed, stained, or even painted.

Clean & Safe

The benefits of a professional deck cleaning extend beyond restoring your home’s curb appeal. The winter fosters the growth of algae and other grime that becomes slippery when wet. Keeping your deck clean looks fabulous and increases safety by eliminating slip and fall hazards.


Leave it to the Pros

Don't sweat! Our technicians are highly trained and experienced.

We are licensed, insured, and covered by WorkSafe BC. We carry $5,000,000 in property damage liability. 

Exceptional customer service from Chase and his team. They went above and beyond with the delivery of their service. Would recommend to anyone in the Vancouver area!

Nic Fanning  (Homeowner, Burnaby)

The Flat Mate Guarantee

Homeowners, business owners, and property managers can benefit from reliable and professional services tailored to your property's specific cleaning needs. Our team is prompt, professional and always ready to exceed your expectations. 

Prompt & Transparent Quotes

No Hidden Fees

Top-Notch Quality

Lasting results that brighten and restore your home

We Leave No Trace

We Remove All Debris Off-Site to Ensure No Mess is Left Behind

Work is Guaranteed

We are licensed, insured, and covered by WorkSafe BC

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