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Window Cleaning: Revolutionized

Water-fed pole window cleaning is a revolutionary method of cleaning glass that has been sweeping the industry for its efficiency and effectiveness. Unlike traditional squeegee methods, this system uses a combination of purified water and an extendable pole to clean windows from ground level. By using pressurized pure water, window cleaners can get even the dirtiest windows looking sparkling clean without the need for ladders.

The pure water used in this method is also highly beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, because it is free from dissolved solids such as salts and minerals, it does not leave streaks on the glass like window cleaner does when diluted with tap water. Secondly, pure water evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind, meaning there is no need to wipe down windows after cleaning them as there would be with traditional methods.

In addition to all these benefits, window cleaning using water-fed poles and pure water systems has important safety implications, too; by eliminating the need for ladders, cleaners can reduce their risk of injury while at work significantly.

Overall, water-fed pole window cleaning saves homeowners precious time and money and keeps our window cleaning technician safe and sound on the ground.

Call (604) 757-3744 to have your windows crystal clear today!

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