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The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing:

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Why Should You Call a Professional?

Pressure Washing Service in Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood, Vancouver, BC
Pressure Washing in Vancouver, BC

Pressure washing is a highly effective method to remove stubborn dirt and grime on various outdoor services. In Vancouver's climate, all property owners inevitably need pressure washing.

Organic staining from moss and algae can become an eyesore and tarnish a property's curb appeal. Some surfaces become slippery unless they are pressure washed every year.

The power produced by power washers can reach up to 4,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is powerful enough to puncture siding, wear away cement, harm decks and shingles, and even cause physical harm.

Aside from causing costly damage to homes, the force of the water spray can even cause physical harm, resulting in numerous emergency room visits each year.

What are Some Potential Hazards with DIY Pressure Washing?

Surface Damage: Windows, Siding, Shingles

The use of pressure washers to clean windows, siding, and shingles can result in surface damage if not used correctly. The high-pressure water stream can strip paint, cause wood splintering, and chip or crack delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding or shingles.

In some cases, the force of the water can cause windows to break or shingles to become dislodged. The damage caused by pressure washing can be permanent and expensive to repair.

Therefore, it's essential to exercise caution and use the appropriate pressure and nozzle settings when pressure washing these surfaces to prevent any surface damage.

Use of Chemicals

Pressure washers use cleaning chemicals and detergents that can cause health problems, like bacterial infections, if they come into contact with a cut or wound. Such chemicals can also cause harm to the property's plants and lawn.

Proper education and professional expertise are needed to use these machines and cleaning detergents efficiently and responsibly.

Physical Injury

The use of pressure washers carries a significant risk of physical harm. The force of the water expelled by a pressure washer can cause severe injuries, including cuts and bruises, if not handled with proper care.

Experience the Difference with Flat Mate's Professional Expertise and Local Knowledge

Avoid the uncertainty of DIY pressure washing and rest assured with our years of industry experience:

1. Flat Mate's 10-point property inspection - We do a thorough walk-around of your property to ensure extra precaution is taken around delicate areas:

Wood siding, electrical panels, hydro meters, air conditioners, lead-based paint, and old mortar are just a few surfaces you probably should not pressure wash. We won’t damage your property

2. We’ll work any day of the week to fit your schedule. If you don’t want to be on-site hearing the nose all day, we are really flexible and respectful of your time

The Flat Mate Guarantee: Insured, Expertise and Professional Equipped

Not only does our work speak volumes, but so do our values.

When you choose Flat Mate Property Services, rest assured that you're selecting a reliable collaborator. Our proficiency in residential and commercial property washing sets us apart.

Furthermore, we're covered by comprehensive third-party liability insurance and maintain up-to-date registration.

Give us a call, and entrust your pressure washing needs to us!

(604) 757-3744

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